Tarasp Castle

Not Vital acquired Tarasp Castle in 2016. Today, the castle houses a collection of antique, modern & contemporary art.

Alberto Giacometti

Pensiun Aldier in Sent has a museum and displays a worldwide unique collection of original prints by the famous artist Alberto Giacometti with over 200 exhibits.

Nairs Cultural Centre

The art and cultural treasures to be discovered in the region are as varied as the Engadin. Look forward to a lot of history, exciting collections and a unique tradition.

Handicraft centre Vulpera

With pro manufacta engiadina, a new platform has been created for the Engadin, which also enables laypeople to experience the “good old craft” through their own actions under expert guidance.

Muzeum Susch

Opened on 2 January 2019, A new addition to the variety of experimental venues for the arts that seek and create references in the picturesque landscape of the Engadine.

Village tours

Every village in the region offers interesting village tours. A hike can be combined well with a village tour.