After the intense Christmas and New Year’s weeks, things continued almost without interruption.

Vulpera, the Hotel Villa Post, the Kurpark and the Waldhaus Museum became for 10 days in January 2023 the backdrop to an exciting spy thriller called “DAVOS” set in 1917. We had the pleasure to meet and host several actors like Jeanette Hain, Max Hebretter, Stipe Erceg, Sunny Melles or Dominique Davenport.

The film crew started preparations as early as January 10. A part of Vulpera has been so undesigned that it has taken us back to 1917. Among other things, the display windows of the Waldhaus Museum were beautifully prepared (see pictures). An ice rink was prepared in the spa park and the park lighting was supplemented with old lanterns. After a few days of preparation, the shooting started. The film crew, the actors and about 70 extras brought life to Vulpera. It was a beautiful and nostalgic picture. In the film, the backdrop with the Hotel Villa Post and the Waldhaus Museum will then be seen as part of Davos. The night shots were also special, because the film crew let a balloon rise, illuminated from the inside, symbolizing the moon.

All in all, it was a rigorous 2 weeks but also a great experience for us as hosts and for the whole Villa Post team.